What does it mean to have hope?

I have been living with this question every day since May 18, 2018. That was the day I suffered a severe stroke that almost took my life.

In my opinion, hope is not simply waiting for something good to happen.

My experience has taught me that in order to have hope, you first need to know what to expect and in what scenario.

In my case, with a devastating prognosis that I would not be able to walk, speak, or eat by mouth (among other things), hoping for any improvement was an act of hope.

But, by understanding the circumstances, by facing adversity head-on, hope turns into courage.

And it is courage that drives us to action.

Here is one of the great lessons that the stroke brought me.

(One among many).

Courage is born of hope.

If hope does not lead to the will to act and the courage to take action, it is not hope.

And how do you know what to expect?

It is necessary to take a deep dive into yourself. To see closely all the darkness that exists in us and to ask ourselves where our own light is, capable of making us beacons of ourselves.

Only then will we be able to see the world illuminated by our own eyes and realize for which darkness we can be light.

To have hope, we need to know our own darkness, find our own light, witness the will to be born and take the necessary action.

Hope is us acting in the world.

I wish you find your hope and be the light the world needs.

It is no coincidence that hope and courage are 2 of the 11 lines of the Good Vibes Map subway.

P.S. Today, I walk, talk, and eat by mouth (among other things).

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