Wear Your Emotions

I was lying in a hospital bed, unable to move or speak, receiving nutrition through a feeding tube. I couldn't even drink water due to the risk of aspiration. The nursing staff bathed me in bed, and at the age of 42, I wore diapers.

Despite it all, I had never felt so loved in my entire life. Witnessing so many people taking care of me with such love changed my life. A feeling of gratitude so strong was born within me that for a year, all I could think about was how to repay this love. Simply saying thank you wasn't enough. I needed to do something.

I decided to share the most important lesson that this experience gave me: we are emotional beings. We feel emotions all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Understanding our emotions, learning what they mean, and knowing how to handle them constructively is the best way to live and face adversities.

I understood this while still in the hospital, which launched me on a journey of self-discovery that has lasted for over 5 years. I learned that I need to constantly know where I am emotionally in order to understand what needs to be done to achieve emotional well-being. We need emotional awareness.

But how do we share this lesson?

By putting emotion into everything that surrounds us. Literally. So that we never forget the emotions we should cultivate to achieve emotional well-being. Thus, Emotional Fashion was born. A way to create emotional awareness. So that wherever we are, we never forget to cultivate the necessary emotions to become our best version. Wear your emotions.

Rodrigo Maroja