A Journey Of Love And Courage

On May 18, 2018, an event transformed the life of designer Rodrigo Maroja. The designer suffered a serious stroke that almost took his life. Because of the severity of the injury, he received a dire prognosis. Doctors believed that he would never walk, speak or eat through his mouth again.

Contrary to all expectations, Rodrigo is recovering. He started walking, talking and eating again. He lives an intense routine of therapies due to sequelae, but he is able to do practically everything he did before the injury.

During the first months after the injury, despite the uncertainties about his future, the designer realized how much love can make a difference in the face of adversity. Expressions of love and support came from far and wide, especially from his mother and wife. His mother stayed with him all day, while his wife, Ana Paula, two months pregnant at the time, worked during the day and slept with him in the hospital, during the 35 days he spent in the ICU. Despite the family's help, Ana Paula had to work during her pregnancy and after the birth of the couple's daughter, Luna. Thinking about how to give back to the world all the love and support he received and how to adapt his work as a designer, a year after the event, Rodrigo had the idea of creating Kosmic Design.

The designer attributes his recovery and positive attitude to the love he received. He believes that's what made the difference. And, for that reason, Rodrigo promised himself that, if he managed to go back to work, he would dedicate his professional knowledge to creating products that carried a positive message and that could be tools of emotional support.

As of August 2019, due to his great evolution, he started dedicating 12 hours a week, between therapies, to start bringing Kosmic Design to life. The designer needed seven months to design Kosmic's first product: Good Vibes Map.

Nowadays, still between daily therapies, Rodrigo works to make a positive impact on the world through Kosmic.